Algal ecophysiology in a changing world
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Lead scientists..
Dr Katherina Petrou
K atherina is the founder and head of the Petrou Lab.

Katherina is an Associate Professor in the School of Life Sciences at the University of Technology Sydney.

For enquiries about joining or visiting the lab please contact Katherina via email. Contact information can be found on the UTS website.
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Dr Daniel Aagren Nielsen
D aniel is a Microbial Ecologist with expertise in microscale processes, microsensor technology and biogeochemistry. He has been a member of the Petrou Lab since its beginning and continues to contribute to a multitude of projects. He is also the proud husband of Katherina.

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- Current members -

Rebecca Duncan
B ec is PhD student within the Petrou Lab and UNIS Svalbard and her research is focused on the biological implications of sea ice decline and climate change in the polar regions. Her PhD project is investigating how projected climate change impacts such as reduced sea ice, warming ocean temperatures and ocean acidification affect the nutrient content of dominant sea ice algal species, and how these changes influence nutrient transfer to higher trophic levels in the polar marine system.

Current project:Climate change induced shifts in sea ice microalgal nutrient content: Species, community and trophic implications

Alyson Theseira
A lyson is a PhD student. Her research investigates diatom silicification rates at a community and species-specific level across various oceanic bioregions of Australia and aims to provide insight into the effects of ocean warming on diatom ecology and biogeochemistry.

Current project: How in-situ diatom silica production along a latitudinal gradient can help us understand changes to silicon cycling in a warmer ocean

James O'Brien
J ames is a PhD student. His research investigates sulphur-mediated microbial scale interactions at various temporal and spatial scales.

Current projects: Chemical signalling and cycling in a changing ocean | Social Networking in a Changing Ocean: Microbial-Scale Ecological Interactions Control Ocean-Scale Chemistry

Billy Fitzgerald Lowry
B illy is a PhD student investigating the effect of oceanic CO2 fluctuations on nearshore diatom photobiology and silicification.

Current project: silica production under future ocean conditions, from genes to biomes

- Alumni -

Dr Eva Fernandez
E va completed her PhD within the Petrou Lab. Her research was focused on understanding the role of DMSP in the physiology and structuring of marine microbial communities.

Projects: Sulphur-mediated phytoplankton ecophysiology:the role of DMSP in cellular function and marine microbial food webs | Characterising microbial interactions that drive organic sulphur cycling in Antarctic waters

Dr Cristin Sheehan
C ristin completed her PhD within the Petrou Lab. Her PhD research investigated the physiology and biochemistry of Antarctic phytoplankton and the role of DMSP in their adaptive strategies to environmental change.

Project: Acidification of the Southern Ocean: Effects on marine microbes

Michelle Havlik
M ichelle was an Honours student within the Petrou Lab. Her research was focused on understanding the effect of DMSP uptake on phytoplankton productivity.

Project: Does osmotrophic uptake of DMSP enhance Antarctic phytoplankton productivity?

Dr Stephanie Gardner
S teph completed her PhD within the Petrou Lab. Her PhD research investigated the ecophysiological role of DMSP in corals, with a focus on the potential antioxidation function of DMSP.

Projects: The role of DMSP in coral stress physiology | Coral explants: A model organism for coral studies